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A Love Spell from Old Kuwait


The spice and pearl trading tribes of 18th century Kuwait lived lives proscribed by tradition, religion and the desert landscapes. It was a time when young men and women were scarcely allowed to look on each other openly, leave alone openly romance the dark eyed charms of those they desired. It is well documented that heat increases lusty ardor, forbidden or not, so the young men and especially the women of Kuwait, or the Utub (the tribes) of Qurain, as Kuwait was then known, had to find other means to get past watchful eyes and strictures to enjoy their lover' embraces. So this love spell is meant for those who already love but find obstacles, whether other people or intangible obstacles, blocking the path of love beneath clear starry skies.

Take one real pearl, cultured or natural and shut it inside a little box. Now take a piece of heavy card wide enough to place the box upon it and to paint a circle comfortably upon the card around the box. Using glue, glue the box to the card, then paint with the glue, a circle around the pearl box. Now dust upon the glue circle, a circle of ginger spice. Make sure that the ring of spice around the pearl is unbroken when you begin your love spell.

Now think of your lover, you can perform this love spell together and with both your energies it will be even more powerful if you do. So then each of you would think of the other and look into each other's eyes. Both of you, or if alone that is fine too, think of how much you love the other, think of how strong your love is, think of how indestructible it is, while standing beside your ring of spice and pearl. Then chant:

'Oh great God, bring us only love's sweetest fruits,
May the delight of our kisses never tainted be,
By the bitterness of others or their disharmony,
May our love long preserved be, longer far than any nectar of golden honey,
And of finest figs our love will be sweeter,
No mortal being may your power deny,
May the winds of fate blow by your will against those, Who your mighty will and our love should ever oppose.
A ring of fire surrounds our precious pearl of love, And your will should anyone or anything our love deny, May your wrath demand that it is they alone who bitterly sigh.'

Now take your card with pearl and spice ring and place it carefully somewhere where it will remain undisturbed. Your love is now safe from interference, your Kuwait love spell complete.

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