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The Lantern Man Love Spell

The Lantern Man is the East Anglian name given Will O' the Wisp, he had differing names all over Great Britain, from Hinky Punk in Devon and Somerset to Pwca in Wales. But whatever you call him, he exists, whatever your explanation for him, he has always been called one of the fairy folk, an elemental spirit, sometimes leading lone travellers to their deaths in marshy bogs and sometimes the custodian of treasures unfound. Sometimes men have followed him at night only to be led into great danger, when they find themselves teetering on the edge of precipices. If you would harness the power of this fairy and you live in East Anglia, find a stretch of marsh or heath-land that is undisturbed by man's intrusion. Then place an offering upon the ground, food will do nicely and call out to the Lantern Man to help you and grant your love spell wish to find your way in life to true love. But do not follow him if you see him, he may lead you to riches, but there are other possibilities too, so return home quickly after asking for his help



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