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A Love Spell from Latvia


The Latvian nation, along with the Lithuanian, are two of the only surviving Baltic nations with a true Baltic language, an unbroken line from our Indo-European past, a precious genetic relic of our disparate ancient European history. It took one hundred years for German knights and missionaries to Christianise these Balt people, who fought determinedly against the new religion because they had their own. In both cities and rural areas, there are still loud echoes of past forbidden beliefs, now called folk or pagan beliefs, which have survived healthily, merged a little with Christian doctrine, which people still turn to today when looking for answers. The festival Jani, a celebration that is wholly pagan, is still held, celebrating the summer solstice. Older even then the old religion, is the amber for which Latvia is famous and was once traded with the Roman empire and ancient Greece. Amber still used today in Latvian jewellery, is the basis of this love spell used for preserving love between couples for life. It is best to celebrate this during the festival of Jani, on the summer solstice, when the suns' power is at it's height and all of mother nature's powers are at their most potent. Jani is an ancient pagan deity, and his day, Latvians believe is when the thinning of the veils takes place, the barriers between our world and the spiritual are easiest to pass through, what better time to cast a love spell? During this festival people deck themselves and their cattle with wreaths of flowers for women and oak leaves for men. Latvians also build bonfires to celebrate Jani from sunrise to sunset, jumping over the bonfire will bring fertility or good financial fortune, if you don't get singed! 

Jani's Love Spell

Take one piece of amber however big or small on summer solstice morning as the sun rises. Place it upon a rock or standing stone that is tall enough to protect your amber from the small bonfire you will build around the rock. As the sun dawns, light your fire. Then as the sunlight touches your piece of amber, and the flames dance beneath it, adding to it's glow, from a safe distance look at the stone and visualise your wish. See your shared love lasting all your lives. Take as long as you please to visualise, a few minutes, an hour, then chant:

'By Jani and by love that's true,
By the fern flower that blooms untouched, 
By the fire of Jani's day, 
By the sun that turns grass to hay,
By the power of gods of old,
May our love stay young though old.'

Now leave your bonfire to burn out safely and your love spell is complete. 

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