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How to Meditate Guide by Lenny

How to develop your psychic senses

We are all psychic as has been said before, our sixth sense, our gut feeling, that guiding voice is in all of us, but some of us have better eyesight, some of us a more refined palate, we can enhance our sight by wearing glasses or learn to distinguish flavours as well as any restaurant critic, but can we learn to refine our psychic senses?

Edgar Cayce, (1847 - 1945) American psychic savant, healer and devout Christian, often ascribed as being the precursor of the new age movement, thought so. In his book, The psychic Sense, he teaches ways in which our natural latent psychic senses can be heightened. Many modern psychics agree with him and most propose the following ways to heighten your psychic sense, to bring about a deeper understanding of your life, yourself and those around you. Like children, life can sometimes leave us feeling scared, that we are stumbling in the dark, anxious about the shadows and what problems may lie around each corner. But perhaps we were not meant to feel alone, plodding forward in life with faltering steps and this instinct of ours, may perhaps be the guide rope, meant to help us find the right individual paths for each of us to take, confidently and boldly, secure that we are taking the best route, the best that we can, for ourselves and each other.


Meditation is something that is good for the brain, relaxing and peaceful, it is a great way to relieve stress and enhance our health as well as reduce stress levels. Think of meditation as a little holiday for your mind, the joy of it is, that once you have practiced it, you can enjoy real peace at any time, anywhere that is safe for you to let your mind drift away to somewhere lovely. You may be a businesswoman who flies all over the world, chained to a hectic schedule, but while on that plane to Brussels your mind can be on a beach, on a south sea island, feeling bliss, sun, heat and flowery fragrances. Meditation frees us from everyday burdens and allows us a very real escape, as well as tuning the mind, as a musical instrument is tuned, bringing harmony and heightening our psychic abilities. Meditation also strengthens the mind/body/spirit connection, which is why it can help us to tune into our psychic awareness. Intuition, that vital warning system for us all, will also be improved. We all have fire or burglar alarms in our homes, yet few of us think to check and enhance our natural protective warning system, psychic intuition. Meditation quietens the mind and serves the dual purpose of allowing our higher selves, our subconscious to speak to us as well. This can be a time when problems that have been nagging at you, suddenly find their resolution in a thought that just pops up and never, seemingly, would have occurred to you.

lenny and kenny crying
Lenny Meditating

How to begin meditating

Try to find some time everyday, 15 - 20 minutes when you can relax away from noise and family members. Sit comfortably in your favourite chair, in your home or garden, in a hammock, on a sun-lounger, even on your bed and just flop. Let your mind go and start to concentrate on your breathing. Breathe in through your nose to the count of five, hold it to the count of five and breathe out through your mouth to the count of five. You are breathing a circle of air, from your nose to the mouth, to the nose again. Allow your stomach to push out as you breathe in, your stomach should rise and fall with your breaths. This breathing technique will totally relax your body, easing away all nervous tension and allowing your mind to follow suit. This exercise also allows your brain to get more oxygen while your body and mind are in sync. Think about your breathing, nothing else. Now begin to think of the air you breathe as vital energy, sun filled energy that is good, healing and filling you with goodness. As you breathe out that air, it is all the stress and strain leaving you, think of it as anything negative you wish to release, being expelled.

Now the loveliest part begins, visualisation. This is actually easy and we do it all the time without thought but when given a name, visualisation, it sounds hard, but you've probably been doing it since you were a small child. All it is, is shutting the eyes, and seeing what you want to see, a rose, a friend, yourself, a place, it's just imagining, make-believe, playtime! Artists do it all the time, and Disney certainly had fun visualising all those dancing animals and sweet characters we loved as children. Now it's your turn. For your first conscious visualisation, just try picturing something beautiful, a rose, a sunflower, a kitten, something that will not distract you too much with associations. If you choose a rose, see the petals, their silky texture beneath your touch. Smell it and concentrate on it's rich colour, the highlights of paler tints as the petals furl over at their edges, the colour of the stamens, the delicious scent. Stay watching this rose and focused on it for 10 minutes. Now let yourself awake out of this rosy reverie and you will feel refreshed, peaceful and ready for the rest of your day.

Exercise two for Meditation

Perhaps you have been meditating on a rose for a few days and now feel ready to explore the magic of meditation further. OK, let's go. Do the above mentioned breathing exercise to calm your mind and body and again to pull them into perfect sync. Now after your breathing exercise, begin to visualise a landscape, a sunlit meadow full of grasses up to your knees and bright wild flowers of red, blue and yellow, dappling the green meadow with colour. You are wading through the grass, crickets are singing, it's a warm day, can you feel the sun's heat? As you walk over the meadow you see in the distance a pavilion, white marble with pillars in front, holding up the white roof. There is a great door facing you, and the door is ajar. You stride toward this temple and into the cool chamber inside. It is beautifully cool, calm and welcoming in this room. You feel relaxed and comfortable. There you see a large wooden chest of fragrant cedar wood. You open the lid of the chest and find a scroll and pen. A question that has been puzzling you comes to your mind easily. So you write it onto the scroll and put the scroll back into the chest and close the lid. You will wait for a moment, open the cedar chest again and find the scroll now has the answer to your question written upon it. You remember this answer and stride out of the building and return to a wakeful state in your chair, hammock or wherever you have been relaxing.

Keep trying this exercise, sometimes you will instantly know that the answer makes good sense, sometimes you will have to keep returning to the temple to find the right answer for you. But this exercise is not meant to bring you instant psychic answers but rather to open your mind to receiving intuitive answers to life's concerns.

Being more aware

Being more aware of the sights, smells and sounds of the world around you, will help to open up your psychic senses. The psychic is a sense, so when you become more in-tune with your five senses, your sixth will grow too. When you next go for a walk, even if it's just to the shops, think about the smells you are sensing, the colours and textures of what you see, the sounds, picking them out from the confusion and jumble of everyday noise and really hearing, seeing and smelling all that is around you. Practice sharpening your senses, particularly that of sound, don't numb the ears with too many loud sounds and deafening music but become sensitive to every little nuance, every creak of your home, every song of the birds as you wake and your psychic sense will become enhanced in tandem with your other senses.

Focusing your senses

Intuitive information is often fed us by our senses in a scattered way, not in a cohesive manner. We rarely get an intuitive message from our senses that is as clear as an email. Instead these intuitive and psychic signals from our brain are more like kaleidoscopic glints, fractured parts, that only with careful practice can make a whole. We may get seemingly very random thoughts and wonder where they came from? We may get feelings and stray ideas that don't seem to make sense. This is normal but the more we use all our senses and listen, the more sense we can make of this amazing sixth sense, our psychic selves. Dreams often convey intuitive and psychic information; things that our mind is trying to tell us and can find no other way to make us listen. We remain deaf to them, so our brain uses our dreams. So try taking more notice of your dreams, some of them are random mechanistic filing of your brain; some of them are far more meaningful than that. So try to make a habit of waking a few minutes earlier to think about the dream you've just had. Write them down and fix them in your mind by contemplating them until they are pinned down in memory. Your dreams are invaluable message carriers, coming from your psychic intuition. The more you practice hearing them, listening to them, the more meaningful and helpful they will become. Your mind will know that it can get through to your conscious this way; you are opening the door.

So human, there is so much more to you and to all of us than we can imagine. Our minds are so much more capable and incredible than many of us dream. Our minds can open gateways to knowledge and understanding, security, peace and the psychic realms of our own senses that we have too long ignored and forgotten. Open your mind and find the treasures within, waiting to be explored, all given to you, for your greater happiness and safety.

lenny and kenny crying
Lenny demonstrates meditation

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