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Lenny and Kenny's Birthday

On 13th June, my psychic medium Gemini twin bros celebrated their birthday.

Jenny, their all time best friend turned up with a birthday cake she had baked and iced especially for them with the faces of their psychic heroes, Nostradamus and their local bookie Frank, who mysteriously always predicts their chosen race horses will lose, correctly.

jenny with birthday cake

The birthday boys got ready to make their birthday wish - this as we all know is basically a candle magic spell. Lenny and Kenny were both allowed to make a wish each that they must keep a secret. And what their wishes might be, I cannot begin to imagine but Lenny was holding a betting slip for the 2.30 at Doncaster for a horse called 'Winalot,' whether that described the horses achievements or what he's going to be turned into after losing as a rank outsider, is anybodies guess.

.birthday cake
We got quite a blaze going

Then we sang ‘Happy Birthday to You’ which is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most popular tune ever.

Other amazing birthday facts, Lenny & Kenny’s astro twin is:
James Clerk Maxwell - the Scottish mathematician and theoretical physicist. Maxwell's equations show that electricity, magnetism and even light are all part of the same source - electromagnetic fields.
"OMG" said Kenny, "we might have been James Clerk Maxwell in a previous life Lenny."

Kenny knows, being a medium, that we human beings are energy - vibrating particles, some we can see, like the body, some we cannot, such as the spirit or our soul. Once we pass away we only leave behind the physical bit, the spirit stays, hence your loved ones in the spirit world are all around you but vibrating at a very high frequency - much higher than our physical earth plane selves, so we cannot see our lost loved ones. They communicate when they lower their vibrational frequency and a medium raises theirs and meet somewhere in between.

Because we are all vibrating particles - some you can see some you cannot, as they are vibrating at a high rate, we are all, as Lenny and Kenny’s astro twin James Clerk Maxwell states part of the electromagnetic field, and being electromagnetic energy means those in spirit find it easy to communicate with us by switching lights on or off, changing a TV channel, it’s their way of letting us know they are still around. They cannot return physically and tell us there is no such thing as death, because they cannot get their physical bodies back (the energy has changed into something else - as Einstein proved energy never dies, it only changes) so that you can see them.

gemini twin bros lenny kenny

Hence, we can safely say Lenny and Kenny had lots a famous celebs at the birthday knees up, all you have to do is think of a person in spirit and they come to you, because thought is electromagnetic energy too.

Here is a list of some of the fascinating people who made it to Lenny & Kenny’s party after receiving their electromagnetic invite:
Moses, Elvis, John Lennon, Julius Caesar (he turned up with Cleopatra), Vincent Van Gogh, Harry Houdini, Boudica, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Einstein, Pythagoras, Robin Hood (no Maid Marion?), Adam and Eve (starkers), Napoleon Bonaparte (wicked headgear) and a few others like Charles Dickens, Lord Byron etc. Electromagnetic Dirty Banana Cocktails were being downed big time.

Lenny & Kenny communicated with these friends mediumistically, which as you now know means via the electromagnetic energy field which everything is part of, Lenny told me they all had a hell of a time, well, the chandeliers rocked and both Byron and Napoleon tried to get off with Eve, who scolded them she was old enough to be their grandmothers, 'plus ca change,' as they say - it was great fun.

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