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Lenny & Kenny’s Friends

Jenny - Jenny, our best friend lives opposite us. She always bakes a birthday cake for us, and Jenny is a witch, we love Jenny!

jenny best friend
Our best friend, Jenny the Witch and her pet raven.

Pythagoras - Pythagoras is a really good buddy to us. We use our mediumistic powers to seek his friendly advice, it doesn't matter that he is no longer on the earth plane, but as many of you know, we are not racist, sexist, or deathist; we do not believe in death it is another part of our journey (the physical body is matter and all matter is energy, it has been scientifically proven energy cannot be destroyed, only changed. When we 'die', it is only the visible, physical body that 'dies', our spirit doesn’t, it lives on). Our mate, Pythagoras was good with numbers when he was visible (alive), plus he was also a spell caster and mystic.
One of Pythagoras’s spells:
Pythagoras said he could ‘write on the Moon’. On a looking-glass, he wrote his wish in blood, then placed it in a position where it was reflected onto the Moon.

We have told Pythagoras we feel faint at the sight of blood, he said “fine chums, instead take a look at your sister’s wishing page, that will work just as well.” Phew, at least we can always rely on our friends for good advice in a crisis.

Other friends - everyone is nice in the Universe because we are all part of the same person: everything that exists is vibrating energy and connected to everything else. Quantum physics has shown matter and energy are not separate, a cat or plant are objects where energy is more dense than air. Energy moves in waves and patterns, we are all energy, everything is energy.

Benny - Our psychic super dog is another best friend, whoever said “A man’s best friend is his dog” was spot on, he is very loyal, and a psychic guard dog, and he will almost certainly bite the legs off anyone who tries to burgle us. WOOF!

Benny psychic super dog
Benny - psychic super dog, he really doesn't like burglars.

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