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Space Babes Won’t Take 'Not Now' for an Answer From Lenny and Kenny

The plot thickens, Lenny and Kenny's space babe admirers returned: Humanoid, Bonnie Lewis was walking her dog last Friday night, 20th June 2008, when she managed to film ‘bizarre cylinders’ in the night sky on her mobile phone. Bonnie exclaimed according to the Sun newspaper “I am not into sci-fi, but they weren’t from this planet”.

Prior to Lenny and Kenny’s first UFO sighting on 8th June 2008 it has now been announced that alien babes like squaddies too, but not as much as Lenny and Kenny naturally. Mark Proctor, 38, of the 1st Battalion Irish Regiment has spoken of the amazing 'craft' he saw just after 11.00 pm on Saturday, 7th June 2008, along with other 2 other soldiers. Obviously the alien babes were really looking for Lenny & Kenny last Saturday, however, I can confirm both Lenny and Kenny were inside our house cleansing their chakras at 11.00 pm that very evening, so that would explain why the UFO failed to land that night.

Lenny and Kenny have psychically detected the alien babes will be back to woo them, and yet I overheard Lenny say to Kenny “Let’s play hard to get bro”. Hence, I think we can expect to hear about more UFO sightings, and possibly landings as the intergalactic babes try everything they can to woo my psychic medium Gemini twin bros.

lenny and kenny making predictions
Psychically, Lenny and Kenny sense the UFO and alien babes will return soon.

After a little chat with Lenny and Kenny, we all concluded, Bonnie Brown’s dog had been mistaken by the alien babes aboard the UFO (‘cylinders’ to quote Bonnie) for our dog “Benny”, you see, once they got close they realised their error and jetted off. Benny is our psychic pet doggy - super dog.

psychic super dog Benny
Bonnie Brown's dog is a doppelganger of our psychic super dog Benny, this confused the aliens.

There is further good news, Friday 27th June the Daily Mail newspaper reported Nasa scientists have discovered Mars ‘the Red Planet’ has nutrients in its soil to support life, ideal for growing asparagus or green beans. This was music to Lenny and Kenny’s ears as their favorite food is asparagus with a knob of butter. According to Nicholas Culpepper, the herbal medicine king who Lenny and Kenny often communicate with via their mediumistic talent, asparagus "stirs up lust in man and woman.” Lenny & Kenny grow their own, and it has certainly made them irresistible to just about everyone who meets them, including women from outer space.

Asparagus, which Lenny and Kenny grow in their veg patch in our Magic Garden.

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