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Leprechaun Love Spell - For Those Who Dare!

We all know that the Leprechaun is an Irish fairy, (i.e. an elemental spirit) but originally Leprechauns were only spoken of in the Leinster area. The name can vary to Lurican, Lurgadhan and Lurachmain, but the tales of Leprechauns remain the same, he is a wily fairy who thinks very little of us humans and disdains us for being greedy and stupid. The name Leprechaun seems to derive from the word 'luacharma'n' meaning pygmy, as like most fairies Leprechauns are very short. Leprechauns are usually described as looking like wizened old men and are thought to be shoe makers who like a tipple and getting merry but are very professional in their work nonetheless! Leprechauns are often said to be treasure guardians who protect crocks of gold that still lie hidden from the ancient Viking marauders that once were eager to make off with them. To get a Leprechaun to grant your love spell wish first of all you must catch one, no easy feat. Should you manage this, ancestral voices tell us that the Leprechaun will try every trick to get himself freed. He will promise wealth, whether he would actually bestow it, once liberated, who can say. But he does wear about his person, the ancient legends say, two purses. The first purse contains a silver shilling which the moment it is given to someone vanishes to be found back inside his purse, very useful! The second purse carries a gold coin which he uses to get himself out of scrapes but which turns into a pile of ashes once paid out. The legends also tell us that the Leprechaun will disappear the moment you take your eye off him, so be warned. Should you manage to catch a Leprechaun in the wilds of Ireland, hold him tightly and don't be fobbed off, ask him to grant your love spell wish, and only let him go once he has done so!




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