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Lochranza Fairy Love Spell

Sir Walter Scott once wrote of Lochranza and the island castle within the lake, this is truly fairy country, where elemental spirits can roam unhindered by bothersome humans. The legend of Lochranza tells us that once a midwife was collecting a harvest by the loch shore with those of her village when she saw a giant yellow frog. The other villagers immediate response was, 'how disgusting, let's kill it.' But the midwife didn't see why the poor creature had to die just because it was big and yellow, something with which ample blondes will surely agree. She also thought that there was something otherworldly about the beast. The next day alone by the shore, a rider, appeared from nowhere and rode up to the midwife. The rider was a youth and he stilled his grey mare to tell her that the giant yellow frog had been the fairy queen and that as a thank you to the midwife, he would take her if she liked, to the land where fairies dwell. The midwife thought this sounded like a pleasant thing to do and jumped up behind him and was taken to this other land. Once there the midwife did not slack and laze about marvelling at wonders and merely eating her fill of delicious fairy delicacies, she got herself a job, as midwife to the fairy queen.

If you wish to see the place some think she may have been taken to, go even further north to a place called Fairy Dell, where this realm may have been. But either Lochranza or Fairy Dell would make excellent places to cast a fairy love spell as these elemental spirits may still abound in these isolated regions. So go to Lochranza and sit beside the loch, then drop an offering into the depths, a small amount of bread is usually acceptable. Then call out across the waters and ask for your love spell wish as long as it harm none. This caveat is crucial to remember as otherwise your love spell wish may be granted to your own danger, and detriment, unforeseen circumstances bringing you mortal peril or even harming and endangering the one you love in ways that cannot be expected. Contemplate your love spell wish manifesting for as long as you can hold your concentration and think positively. Then thank the fairies of Lochranza and then your Lochranza fairy love spell is complete.


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