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London Love Spell

First find an occult power point, these are energy points on a ley line (or spirit line as they are sometimes called In America), usually ancient monuments, megaliths or religious buildings were built on ley lines, indeed churches were built on them and therefore churches are built on straight lines - ley line in London and most of the UK, and it is therefore no coincidence a lot of spells involve a visit to the grave yard - including our love spell for Mauritius. sometimes a couple of ley lines pass through the same church or ancient monument ‘hot spot’ - find out more via a net search. Buckingham Palace is on a ley line, so you could stand outside Buck Palace to cast your love spell though it might be a bit too noisy.

By the way, ley lines form a grid of energy all over the world.

London love spell

One you have located a powerful occult point, think of the one you love and the ley’s power, then chant or say silently to yourself:

Ley, ley, ley, please bring to me - name of person.

Ley I want - state what you want.

Now thank the ley.

The le line you stood upon will start working on manifesting your request.

This London Ley Love Spell can be addapted for other wishes, healing, money, luck and anything positive. Any negative requests will backfire, leys are positive energy and if you try to contaminate them with negative requests, they will give you a taste of your own medicine and refuse to help you.

Some people believe aliens created ley lines, this could be correct as aliens appear to have had some ‘say’ in pyramid energy/power too and they are built on leys:

The world's greatest architects, engineers, and scientists confess that "it is impossible to build the Great Pyramid at Giza by any modern scientific devices, and hence impossible by any primitive methods." As stated by Dr. Amr Gohed, who along with 1968 Noble Prize winner Dr. Luis Alvarez tried solve the mysteries of the Great Pyramid at Giza: "…there is some force that defies the laws of science at work in the pyramids." S. H. Ford, DD, LLD, 1882, in his book, “The Great Pyramid”: writes "And there it stands to day displaying a scientific knowledge that has surpassed anything attained in past boasted age. The pyramid speaks loudly throughout all the ages, that man's beginnings were lofty and powerful and glorious and that he has digressed rather than progressed. That God's word is true, his laws immutable and evolution a lie."

It comes as no surprise then that Egypt is the birthplace of witchcraft and the Tarot.

You could cast your London Love Spell in Egypt with great success too, but hopefully you’ll go on holiday to Egypt with your lover once your love spell has worked!

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