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Looking Glass Love Spell

Does your partner have an admirer that they fancy too? Are you getting worried or annoyed about this and want to put a stop to it; if so, then find yourself a looking glass, and a red lipstick. Now stare into the glass and see yourself happy with your partner who has love and desire only for you. Then draw a large red outline of a heart as wide and large as the glass with the lipstick. Then write your name and your lover's name inside the heart and add:

'We love so deeply and so true,
No-one but each other do we desire, 
By Venus' power and Aphrodite's fire,
We see only each other, we wish for no other lover,
So mote it be.' 

Then on the back of the glass write in black ceramic marking ink:

'My lover (insert his name) cares not for (insert the rival's name),
He/She finds pleasure in me alone and in this other (insert their name),
He/She finds no delight and avoids (insert rival's name) with cold and bleak disdain,
So mote it be.'

Now look once more into the looking glass and see your lover disdaining this rival with cold dislike and displeasure. Then take the glass outside and place it inside a rubbish sack and smash it, and so your looking glass love spell is sealed. You can now bury the glass by moonlight inside the sack. Your looking glass love spell is now complete.


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