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Love Spells Scammer

I did once write out a list of websites that were scams and not real witches at all, however, they have all gone now, not because of my web page, no, because they had a plan to be around for only a short period of time.

In truth, only spell results will prove to you that a real spell has been cast. When selecting a witch to cast a spell for you, trust your gut feeling, if you don’t like something about the website or service offered, keep searching until you find the right witch for you.

Since I first wrote this page millions of spell casting sites have appeared therefore, unless I personally have a spell cast by a website I cannot know if it works or not. That in itself is a problem, you cannot test magic, you should have a wish you want granting, and take your spell very seriously - as the old saying goes: ‘be very careful what you wish, for it just might come true!’

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