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love |lʌv|
1 a powerful emotion of deep affection : parents feel for their children with unconditional love | their love for their home.
• an intensely romantic or sexual attachment to someone : they experienced love at first sight | I am in love with him | I am falling in love.
• (Love) can be personified, usually represented as Cupid.
• enthusiasm and a strong interest in something : his love for golf | we share a love of watching movies.
• a warm greetings expressed to someone on one's behalf.
• a technique for ending an affectionate letter : take care, lots of love, Beaty.
2 a person or thing that one loves : he is the love of her life | their greatest love is wine.
• Brit., informal a friendly form of address : it's all right, love.
• (a love) Brit., informal used to express affectionate approval for someone : don't worry, it will be fine love!
3 (in tennis, squash, and some other sports) a score of zero; nil : love fifteen | he was down two sets to love. This comes from the phrase play for love (i.e., the love of the game, not for money).

Love spells are the most popular type of spell cast - spells like love are an inviable energy which cannot be measured or proven to exist scientifically, but both are very real.

This page contains articles on love and how to fix any love worries you may have.

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