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Find A Real Love Spells Witch

Unfortunately there are a lot of fake witches and psychics taking advantage of vulnerable people. Here are a few tips our team has put together to help you avoid the bad guys.

1, Check the website has a postal contact address. Why you may wonder a spell cannot be sent through the post? Because the law states when paying for any service or item you should have access to a postal address.

2, Websites, by law, must state the prices of their products, if you go into a shop you can see the prices clearly and this should be true for websites, although we've been amazed at the large number of spell casting sites breaking this law.

3, Do not use a witch who gives you only a phone number on her website. Think about it, do you really want to send money to a voice on the end of a phone? No.

4, We advise you to ignore websites using free Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail email addresses, very unprofessional, they should be using their website email address. What would you think if you received an email from a large company and they had written using an Hotmail address? You would be alarmed and suspicious, we recommend that you treat the spell casting website operating like that, in the same way because something 'funny' will be going.

5, Free readings? Nothing is free, it's a ploy to trick you into spending lots of money with them.

6, Spell review forums, these are used to mislead you, take everything you read on a forum with a pinch of salt.

6, Avoid all websites displaying Western Union payment and PayPal only. These are cheats without proper business banking.

7, Websites with one page?

Good love Spells Witches?

Spell failure does not make anyone a scam.

A witch refusing to answer emails doesn't mean you have been scammed: Have you emailed your witch constantly, repeatedly pointing your finger at them and making them feel uncomfortable? A love spell caster will know they have to remove themselves from any constant source of negativity. If you correspond in a pleasant manner and do not assume you are their only client, even if your case turns out to be a tough nut to crack, they aren't going to abandon you. If however, you start being threatening or making them feel uncomfortable, they will shut off the source of negativity as they see it, so they can concentrate on those that are respectful. We here at lovespells.org.uk have received a few grumbles from people who believe they have been scammed, yet they are moaning about spell casters who we are certain are the real thing, and it's obvious that they have 'bullied' their witch, who has then made the decision to terminate all communication. Bad client, not innocent person scammed. Most witches will not be prejudiced, they WILL take on clients who are on a different wave length to them, they will do their best, but... sometimes they regret it. If you treat your witch with the same respect you would any intermediary with the supernatural and divine, a priest say, you can't go far wrong.

And once you have found your love spells witch you can ensure you have a smoothe running relationship with her (or him): How to Foster a Good Relationship With Your Love Spells Witch

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