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Email a Love Spell

All love spells must be kept a secret, this is a witchcraft law, therefore you have to send your love spell in coded form by email, so that the one you love will not know you have cast a love spell on them.

The word ‘occult’ originates from the Latin occultare which means ‘secret’ and a secret is something not meant to be known by others, hence you should always keep your spell under your hat.

Love spells magic means influencing situations by supernatural methods.

Here is an easy way to tap into the supernatural magical powers:

Write out your request:

James to fall in love with me (Cheryl)

Now transform your wish into a code:

Write this down on a piece of paper, fold it up while thinking about your desired out. Hide it in a secret place.

Change your email password to your secret, coded, occult magic word: JTFILWC

Send an email to the one you love.

email love spell

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