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Types of Love Spells

There are many types of love spells, this page discusses some of the most popular.

lovers together

Attraction Love Spell
An attraction love spell will attract love to you, this could come in the shape of a new lover coming into your life, or friendship between you and someone you know turning into a romance - maybe before neither of you was free to be with the other? Love spells aim for the highest good and will bring positive results in the form of true love.

Binding Love Spells
Only binding spells grant permanent results, if you do not use a binding spell your reuniting of lovers spell will not guarantee your lover stays with you. Binding love spells protect a couple's love and block love rivals and ensure they stay together.

Cupid's Arrow Love Spell
There are numerous fictional stories involving love magic such as Cupid’s Arrow in Roman literature. Cupid is a little boy with wings who shoots his magical arrows of passion at people to make them fall in love. Many witches do have a Cupid's Arrow Love Spell in their spell book, which they will cast to win the heart of the person you desire.

love hearts

Other love spells include ‘Rice Throwing’. Throwing rice is an ancient custom to wish a couple marrying good luck, protection and a happy marriage.

The swan symbolises love, beauty and passion and therefore is often included in some way during a love spell. Swan’s are very loyal and only have one life partner, therefore a Loyalty Love Spell may well use swan symbology.

Flower Love Spells - Flowers are used in love spells, the word ‘posy’ originally meant message of love.


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