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Witch’s Ladder Love Spell

A witch’s ladder is a very popular witchcraft spell. To create a witch's ladder, a witch ties 9 knots into a piece of cord or ribbon while focusing on the intent of her spell.

As you wish to cast a love spell you will need to select a red or pink cord. You next need to tie a knot at each end of your cord and one in the centre and continue typing knots until you have 9 while chanting the incantation below out aloud, and focusing on your desire.

By knot of one the spell has begun,
By knot of two the spell is true,
By knot of three so mote it be,
By knot of four the open door,
By knot of five the spell is alive.
By knot of six the spell I fix,
By knot of seven the gates of heaven,
By knot of eight the hand of fate,
By knot of nine the spell is mine.

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