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Incense A Useful Ingredent For Love Spells

Since ancient times, the art of incense, the holy scent of the gods and witchcraft, has been used to propitiate the deities of every religion, to purify holy temples and to rouse the senses for seduction especially when casting love spells. These magical powders, herbs, spices, resins and precious scented woods have been carried to us from caravanserai to caravanserai, across deserts and the silk routes of the far east, the Frankincense trail and across the seven seas by ships laden with this voluptuous cargo, long before Aladdin first rubbed his magic lamp.

The ingredients of these magical, aromatic formulae are often costly and rare:

Flowers and buds
Saffron is an exorbitantly costly spice
Roots and rhizomes
Couch Grass
Seeds and fruits
Nutmeg and other spices were always costly and rare
Star anise
Animal derivative compounds
Musk is very costly indeed
Ambergris is extremely costly


Indirect burning incense is not combustible on its own and needs flame to light it, because it has not been prepared for burning. Frankincense and myrrh are two (now common) incenses burnt this way. These are usually lit by placing them in a thurible, which is placed over burning charcoal or embers. I love to throw herbs, barks and flowers directly onto charcoal and burn them as incense in this way during a love spell casting.

Direct burning is for easily combustible, pre-prepared incense. You can merely light the top of the incense with a flame from a lighter or match and the incense will slowly fill the air with fragrance, as it burns down without any aid. This type of incense is made from finely ground incense powder mixture and binder. This type of incense is sold as coil shapes, cones and sticks. The finer, the incense the quicker it will burn. In some countries you can buy incense clocks which show you the time by burning away the hours. It is also very useful at disguising the scent of tobacco smoke.

When preparing my alter for magic rituals and love spell casting, as a witch I must provide an enchanting atmosphere, that will be inviting to the gods and spirits. I do this with perfumed incense, which I also use for ritual purification and for stimulating my mind by elevating thought to a higher sphere with the rich fragrance. Incense is also used to release a spell once it is cast, the smoke carrying it away into the ether, as incense, in Wicca traditions, represents the element of air, as the smoke wafts up through air. But many believe that incense represents all the elements because it is made through using fire, the plants, resins and barks come from the earth, and combustible incense is made using water. As it burns, incense releases the abundant energies of the herbs, plants and resins used to make it and these energies are also harnessed during love spell casting.

Witches never use synthetic based incense, it is dead, and it contains none of the life forces of natural ingredients. So I always use natural incense, as it contains pure power, as the life forces themselves burn and are released into a fragrant haze. There are hundreds of types of incense used for special magic workings in witchcraft. They all have different uses for different types of spell or ritual, some with poetic and evocative names.

Carnation a sweet floral incense, lit for healing.
Cherry is burnt to evoke Venus as this scent will draw and or energise love.
Dragon's Blood is lit to instill love, courage and strength, while adding potency to any spell work.
Frankincense is burnt to purify and is associated with the power of the sun. It is linked to masculine energy.
Myrrh is incense that goes back to time immemorial, for healing, purification and protection. Myrrh is associated with feminine energy.
Pine is lit for strength and to cleanse away negative energy.
Strawberry is burnt for friendship, love and luck.
Vanilla is lit for arousing sensual appetites and stimulating the memory.

incense sticks

Whether you wish to harness the fragrance of the gods to use in magic spell casting, to burn it in your home to arouse and seduce a lover or just enjoy it's delicious scent, burning incense may well light flames that find a living home, in your heart.

Written by Jacky for lovespells.org.uk


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