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Queen of Sheba Powerful Love Spells Witch

The Queen of Sheba, or Bilqis as she was known in Islam, was the most powerful witch that ever lived I personally believe (Born around 960 BC). Throughout history it has been written that King Solomon was the most potent occultist as well as richest person that ever graced this planet, however, Bilqis won King Solomon’s heart with a very powerful love spell, therefore Bilqis was equally as mighty as Solomon if not more so, she was at least better at love spells!

Solomon and Bilqis Love Story

The Old Testament states that the Queen Bilqis, ruler of Sheba, sent a camel train of gold and ivory to King Solomon. Later, Solomon fell madly in love with the Queen after she became bewitched by the splendor of his palace.

The Queen of Sheba ‘chased after’ Solomon, she went by camel from Arabia to Jerusalem, where Solomon lived, that’s about a 1400 mile journey. A camel at walking speed only does 4 mph, a racing camel can do 12 mph, but even at high speed Sheba was only travelling about 25 miles a day.


In Arabian legends Bilqis had links to the incense trade which was then a source of great regional and magical power of the day.

Being from Abrabia, the Queen of Sheba would be pretty nifty at belly dancing, so I’d imagine Solomon was impressed by the Queen’s flat stomach as well as the gold and ivory she gave him.

belly dancing

I cannot find out what sort of spells the Queen of Sheba cast, but with her incense connections she would almost certainly be burning Jasmine, Rose and Sandalwood incense 24/7 while using affirmations and wish power.

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