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A Love Spell from Malta


A Love Spell from Malta

Malta is a special place, not only of course to the Maltese but to all who go there and anyone from Britain, allied as it is through the brotherhood of the Commonwealth of Nations, and sharing a very strong mutual regard, respect and love. How do the Maltese inspire love in all who meet them and especially the British, why of course they are so much like us, we share a common past and an almost protective allegiance to each other, a strong and ancient fraternal affection. Until 1964 Malta was ruled by Great Britain, and the British are proud with all Malta achieves independently, we share a language, although of course the Maltese too speak their own, as well as having an Italian linguistic influence. The Maltese are a rightly proud and plucky nation, resolutely independent though foreign powers may try to encroach as they always have, because Malta's peril lies in it's vital strategic position in the Mediterranean Sea. 

And so from Malta we have this love spell meant to protect love from encroaching enemies as Malta stands strong against her enemies today. 

Take one shell, and bind it with red cord to another shell, place them inside a small box and chant:

'Neptune and the powers of land and sea,
Bind us without and within from harm,
Keep our love from encroaching might,
Let our love burn safely by day and night,
No jealous foe shall steal what is ours
By your strong and almighty powers.'
Now put the box away safely and make sure none touch or disturb it. 

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