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Another Love Spell from Malta


The name Malta is derived from the Greek word for honey, Malta truly is the land of sweet honey, having its own indigenous swam of bees only to be found on Malta, the Maltese honey bee or Apis Mellifera Ruttneri. They have always produced honey in Malta and honey has, since ancient times, been known as a balm, it soothes the senses, can help cure ills and since time immemorial has been known as a potent antiseptic, helping to heal and clean wounds. Not all wounds are physical as we know, and honey makes a potent ingredient in this Maltese love spell.

Maltese Honey Love Spell

Take one spoonful of Maltese honey (or any good honey if Maltese is unavailable) and paint it onto your hand in the shape of a love heart. Now get your love to paint a heart in honey onto their hand. Both of you together lick the honey off the other's hand. As you do so, you will be partaking of your love's love, and they of yours, this will soothe any disagreements or hurts between you and mean that from now on you will both feel exactly the same about each other. Your Maltese honey love spell is complete.

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