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Yet Another Love Spell from Malta


There is a church in the town of Zabbar dedicated to Our Lady of Graces, a sanctuary. Once a year there is a fiesta, when for three days the inhabitants of Zabbar celebrate Our Lady of Graces, much as ancient people's would their gods and goddesses, when an effigy of Our Lady of Graces is carried about the streets and adorned with a crown. The sanctuary is a dazzlingly ornate jewel, embellished with every finery possible to show devotion. Amongst the lustre, glitter and gilt is a collection of mariners votive paintings. These paintings were used by Maltese fishermen and their families, as testament to their vows that they would follow Our Lady of Graces, in the hope that in return she would bring them safety at sea and amply full fishing nets.

This Maltese love spell comes from the wise wife of a fisherman in the 18th century whose husband was missing, lost at sea, as she longed for his safe return.

A Maltese Love Spell

Take a candle and incise upon it your name and your lover's name and the words, 'safely reunited, together forever.' Now take the candle to a seashore, light it and chant:

'May the sea bring him/her back to me,
By Neptune's will so it must be,
Lovers parted now joined as one,
So it must be before a month is done,
Joined and protected by Neptune's power,
Our love everlasting shall live as free and well, Endowered by Neptune's will,
Safely he/she has returned to me,
Cradled and safeguarded by the father sea.'

Now take your candle, plant it firmly and burning within a small (or toy) boat and set it off to be carried away by the waves.


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