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A Maltese Love Spell


Malta is a place where the ancient is still part of modern, post industrial life, where shepherds huts are built today as they were in prehistoric times, with corbelled stone lintels and round as cones, where mythological beings still stalk Maltese streets and flowers are left on window sills on Christmas Eve to appease one of them, the evil l-Imlejka, who appears as an old woman who likes to carry off those who have transgressed.

A Kaw kaw Love Spell

Kaw kaw in ancient Maltese tradition is in appearance a giant grey and viscous visitant, a wraith who feeds off the guilt of others and likes to track them down and in his own horrible way, make them pay. He can enter a house of squeezing his slug like body through any opening, however miniature, and then opens his giant maws to smile horribly at his guilty, horror struck victim. 

First take your wedding ring and place it on your windowsill. Light a red candle and chant:

'Kaw kaw, another wants my love,
Their guilt is known to heaven above,
Show them that my love is mine alone, 
Visit them and show them in their home,
Harm them not but make it be known
That love is staying in my home,
They had better sew their love elsewhere, 
Or their lot will be only despair. '

Let your candle burn down safely, place your wedding ring back onto your finger and your kaw kaw love spell is complete.

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