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Mediums are those gifted people who not only always answer the phone - and know who is calling without looking and before they pick up - but take ‘calls’ from the dead too. Mediums have a connection with the spirit world they tell us, and often find their calling through religions such as Spiritualism, Spiritism and many others. In popular imagination, mediums are colourful people with eccentric habits, loveable and quirky who would not surprise anyone, if they skipped on a village green at sunset, wearing nothing but a headband of peacock feathers, while vigorously chanting American Indian oaths and smashing cymbals together.

Mediums can communicate with spirits of the dead, Angels and all manner of spirit beings, during what is termed a séance. Light hinders the thinning of the veils, when spirits seem more able to make themselves known, when our two worlds are closest. So séances usually take place in the dark or semi-dark, with a group of people sitting around a table and linking hands to provide the energy for the spirit, to help it manifest. The medium is, as the term suggests, an intermediary between the spirit world and ours. Just when you thought Aunty Mabel could no longer tell you how you should do better in life, a medium helps Aunty Mabel to continue 'helpfully' haranguing you and make career suggestions from beyond the grave. One can see why spirits of the dead would like mediums, their new telephone operator. Mediums are so kindly and helpful to spirits, that in order to help them communicate more easily, mediums often go into a trance, where the spirit may then more easily take over the mediums body, all the better to speak through the medium and tell you why you always were such a difficult child. Many mediums are able to astonish with the information they are able to glean about others, with seeming lack of effort.


New Age mediums refer to their skills as channelling, and say that they tune into higher spirit forces, teachers with profound wisdom for mankind, which leaves Aunty Mabel out in the cold, whatever she may think. Some mediums are even able, with the help of spirits, to levitate objects and produce ectoplasm, a pale, glutinous substance that the medium exudes and forms into shapes of a face or body part, which then returns to the medium after the séance.

Medium-ship gained huge popularity in America and Great Britain after the First World War, when the enormous tide of bereaved parents and sweethearts could not face the premature deaths of their sons and lovers. With this the Spiritualist Church grew and medium-ship first gained widespread popularity.

The first recorded case of medium-ship was that of the Witch of Endor in the Bible for the Israelite, King Saul:

1 Samuel, chapter 28, verse 7: Finally Saul said to his servants: “Seek for me a woman who is a mistress of spirit medium-ship, and I will go to her and consult her.” Then his servants said to him: “Look! There is a woman who is a mistress of spirit medium-ship in En-dor.” 8 So Saul disguised himself and clothed himself with other garments and went, he and two men with him; and they came to the woman by night. He now said: “Employ divination, please, for me by spirit medium-ship and bring up for me the one whom I shall designate to you.” 9 However, the woman said to him: “Here you yourself well know what Saul did, how he cut off the spirit mediums and the professional fore-tellers of events from the land. Why, then, are you acting like a trapper against my soul to have me put to death?” 10 Immediately Saul swore to her by God, saying: “As God is alive, guilt for error will not befall you in this matter!” 11 At this the woman said: “Whom shall I bring up for you?” To this he said: “Bring up Samuel for me.” 12 When the woman saw “Samuel” she began crying out at the top of her voice; and the woman went on to say to Saul: “Why did you trick me, when you yourself are Saul?” 13 But the king said to her: “Do not be afraid, but what did you see?"(...) “A god I saw coming up out of the earth," she answered...It is an old man coming up, and he has himself covered with a sleeveless coat.”

King Saul recognised this to be Samuel and the witch then asked Samuel the question Saul longed to know, would he be victorious in battle? Samuel is recorded as seemingly answering rather testily, like any man who has had his sleep disturbed, “Why have you disturbed me by having me brought up?” Samuel then announced to the horrified King Saul, that "...tomorrow you and your sons will be with me...” i.e. 'you're about to die matey.' And so he did, Saul and his sons died in battle the next day, just as Samuel had predicted. It seems imperative to remember here, that some spirits may not want to be woken and may not be best pleased at being grilled on one's personal life and fortunes, whilst they were enjoying a very deep, and unusually peaceful sleep.


medium's eyes

Mediums are often famous in the popular imagination, for their colourful spirit guide friends, American Indians and people of unusual ethnic origin seemed to be the vogue at one time. But the reason for this may be that in the early days, there was a large surge of American mediums. The spirit guide introduces the spirit to the medium and seems to 'fetch' the spirit with whom the medium wishes to communicate. How are spirit guides chosen? According to mediums the connection may be providence or some family tie. The English Spiritualist, C Doreen Philips recorded her experiences with a medium in 1958, in Indiana: ' In Rev. James Laughton's séances there are many Indians. They are very noisy and appear to have great power... The little guides, or doorkeepers, are usually Indian boys and girls (who act) as messengers who help to locate the spirit friends who wish to speak with you." Writing of the medium the Rev. Lillian Dee Johnson from Florida, she stated: 'Mandy Lou is Rev. Johnson's guide... She was, on earth, a slave to Rev. Johnson's grandmother.'

There are various differing kinds of medium-ship; mental medium-ship is when the medium can telepathically, hear, feel or see messages from the spirit world. During trance medium-ship, the trance usually leaves the medium with no memory of what is being said, as they were taken over by the spirit, so they often require an assistant to record all messages. Physical medium-ship is when the medium is used like a battery, an energy source by the spirits. They feed off the medium's energy in order to make physical manifestations of themselves, such as noises, rappings, materialisation of the spirits themselves or the movement of objects. Channelling is a form of medium-ship where the medium can either converse with spirits and relay those messages or they go into a deep trance, a state akin to catalepsy, with rigid limbs and no seeming ability to move or speak. The spirit then takes possession of them and speaks through them, even altering the mediums voice as the spirit answers profound questions.

So if you really don't want to hear exactly what your dead relatives think of your progress in life, or complaints about 'death isn't what it used to be, falling standards in afterlife services ' don't go to a medium as she or he may well be able to get you the latest from beyond the grave, broadcasting loud and clear.

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