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Merrow Fairy Love Spell

The word Merrow originally meant 'sea maid' in Irish, an inhabitant of the Tir fo Thoinn or the 'world beneath the seas.' The male Merrow are rarely seen which is a good thing as they are exceptionally repulsive looking - fangs scales, all you need to know. But the female Merrow are real sirens, very beautiful, very alluring and very dangerous. Merrow fairies are dangerous to us because like the other water spirits, the mermaids of Great Britain, they like us as much as they would an attack of fin rot. We are not one of their favourite things. The female Merrow which is all I'll write about now as males are too rare to speak of, can at first sight be hard to tell apart from a human woman. Their feet, it is said, are flatter than ours and their fingers are lightly webbed and she is more wanton than a rabbit in her habits. Several Irish families proclaim they are descended from unions between Merrow and men, the O'Flaherty, O'Sullivan and the MacNamaras. The fairy folk of Ireland, the Sidhe, are in general hostile to humankind, so beware and be cautious. It is said that Merrow wear particular clothing when swimming to protect them from the dangers of the sea, a red cap is traditional and some sport seal skin cloaks which they secrete on fisherman's roofs (presumably to dry) while on land. This is where your love spell comes in, traditionally fisherman would force the Merrow to agree to marry them, because if you find their hat or cloak you can force them to agree to almost anything, a Merrow cannot go home without her special clothing. So should you be staying in a fisherman's cottage with a thatched roof, look out for a Merrow and your chance to ask her to grant your love spell wish, she has the power. But be warned, beautiful Merrow may be but guile and danger lurks beneath that beautiful face.




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