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Oakmen Love Spell

Oakmen are the fairies or elemental spirits of the north of England. They are wood spirits or fairies who dwell in and around oak trees and can be very helpful to those who would like to improve the strength of their relationship. If you live in the north of England, take a red ribbon and an offering of food to your nearest oak woodland. Tie the red ribbon around the branch of a fine old oak and place the food offering at it's roots. Now invoke the Oakmen:

'Oakmen, powers of strength and antiquity, 
Please accept my gift of food,
Alone I have come to this wood, 
To seek you out and ask of you, 
That you may grant my love spell wish true, 
Please grant me happy love, 
That my romance with (insert their name),
May flourish with the growth and strength of your oak trees,
And that our love may fulfil our loving needs,
Thank you.' 

Now retreat politely from the oak wood and wait for your Oakmen love spell to be realised.



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