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The Ouija Board

The Ouija board is an inanimate object used to obtain answers about the past, present and future via means of spirit communication. The name originates from the French ‘oui’ and the German ‘ja’ - both words mean ‘yes’ in English.

Ouija boards are considered dangerous as there is the risk that the you might connect with disincarnate spirits (spirits trapped between the earth and spirit realms) with malicious messages. An enormously different amount of ouija board methods have been used throughout time, but it was in 1853 the planchette became popular in Europe.The planchette was a three legged, heart shaped device, one of the legs is a pencil and the planchette spells out messages as it moves. Nowadays, ouija boards look like board games with letters of the alphabet, the numbers 1 to 10 and the words yes or no printed on them. During a seance, all those present place a finger on the planchette, a device with a pointer these days. A question is then asked or a request for a message. The planchette, when it moves is believed to be under spirit control.

During March 1994, in the United Kingdom, four jurors at Stephen Young's trial for shooting Harry Fuller and his wife Nicola, consulted the ouija board. The jurors used an upturned wine glass as a planchette on an ouija board during a drinking session to contact Harry Fuller who allegedly sent messages via the board confirming Young was guilty. Young won the right for an appeal but was re-convicted in December 1994.

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