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Love Spell from Paris


Paris, 'city of love,' 'city of lights,' has taken its name from it's early origins as a Gaul stronghold, occupied by Rome, and Rome's goddess of love, Isis. Per Isis was the monumental temple to Isis which stood where the cathedral of Notre Dame is today. The temple's altar survived until the 15th century when the Catholic priests learnt of it's Isis origin and unfortunately destroyed this remnant of ancient devotion; which is ironic as the iconography of Isis as mother has been merged by Catholicism into the cult of the Virgin Mary. The cult of Isis blossomed all over the Greco-Roman world, flowing from the Egyptian pantheon of deities, as Alexander of Macedon conquered Egypt. The romans had a paucity of divine beings to invoke, so they borrowed and merged their own few gods with Egyptian gods with gusto. Isis became the big hit, top worshipped goddess of the roman empire, her votaries being associated with orgiastic debauchery, loud music, clashing cymbals, loud drumming and shouting, very similar to an out of control rock concert with many knobs on; you wouldn't have wanted her temple next door if you wanted to sleep well. Perhaps why Per Isis temple was on the Île de la Cité, no neighbours to waken.

Isis was seen as the ideal mother, a true goddess of love, surprisingly when one thinks of her devotional rituals, an ideal wife and the kind of goddess every mother would like for their son. She was also known as practising witchcraft, so her intervention in magic and prayer was thought very powerful. So this Isis love spell from ancient Paris was devised to help those who need powerful intervention when others oppose their union with their lover.

Isis (She Who Knows How To Make Right Use of the Heart) Love Spell

Take a symbolic image of a mother and child, it may be a drawing of any mother and baby, and write Isis over the image and place it before a dish of burning vanilla incense. Now chant:

'Isis, queen of heaven! 'She who knows how to make right use of the heart,'
From my lover may I never depart,
From my foes let my heart be ever safe,
By your power in this hour, by your grace and heavenly will,
Let not my foes by their ill will, touch the brilliance of my lover's heart, 
May his love and devotion for me, stand as tall as the stars high shine,
Let our union uncontested be,
Let your will Isis ever us marry, in love for all eternity,
By Horus and by your power, this love is our finest hour.'

Let your incense burn down safely and take a photograph of yourself, and your lover or any image of you both, and bind them together with red cord with your Isis image and bury them at midnight beside a rose bush of red roses.

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