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Penis Enlargement Spell

Quartz Crystals are computers with the capacity of receiving, storing and releasing energy upon command. Programming a crystal is very similar to programming a computer, both require clear, logical input to extract concise output! The only difference is the computer programmer needs complicated machine language, while the crystal user requires simple everyday pictorial thought.

After cleansing your Quartz Crystal you can cast your penis enlargement spell using the following procedure:

1, Hold the Quartz Crystal in your left hand (linked the the right hand side of the brain, the psychic side).

2, Your request can now be installed. Your wish should be thought out in sequential picture form. Your thought form will travel from your mind to your left hand and into the Quartz Crystal where all images will be amplified.

3, Write your requirements on a piece of paper and place the paper under your quartz crystal over night - the thought form when combined with a picture increases the strength of the spell. To ensure your request has been sufficiently embedded repeat the charging process for a period of seven days.


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