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A Love Spell from Peru


The people of Peru with their Spanish, Amerindian, African and Asian influences are as vibrant a nation as can be found, with their dazzling sense of colour which shows in elaborately decorated dress, their lively folk music, rich traditions, customs, folklore and ancient religious beliefs melded with fervent Catholicism, which make Peru into a fascinating and glittering feast for all who visit. The Peruvians have claimed this land as their own since 11,000 BC at least. Their ancestors, the Incas, were known as the 'children of the sun,' they believed that they were descended from the sun, which is still celebrated in vivid splendour with their ancient ritual, Inti Raymi, 'the feast of the sun.' Peru is almost in perpetual song and dance, with Carnivals held to rejoice in local youths' reaching manhood or crops and harvest, or saints, it seems that in Peru there is always a good reason to dance and enjoy yourself and a Carnival to help you do so.

There are dances danced in Peru for every occasion, ritual dances too, hunting dances, a dance for every type of hunted animal, lovers dances celebrating love, dances that imitate the Llama, in Peru you may easily be danced off your feet. So with their love of dance, the Peruvians have given us this dance love spell.

Ritual Love Dance Love Spell from Peru

This love spell is designed to capture the heart of the watcher, careful who you use it on! Firstly take one lucuma fruit (or any fruit which you may cut in half and remove the inside leaving a tough outer) and cut it in half, then place a small lock of your loved one's hair inside the fruit and then wrap and bind the fruit in anyway you please so that you can hold both sides back together again tightly, knowing that you two are now bound in love and then bury the lucuma once the moon is out.

Then take another lucuma cut it open and smear any juice from the flesh over any bare portions of your body, such as arms, legs, hands or throat. Now you are ready to dance your ritual love spell dance. As you dance in any manner you wish, make sure that you touch the parts of your body where the lucuma juice is applied and see your lover falling in love with you in your mind's eye as you dance in front of them. Pay no attention should they look away or seem distracted, concentrate on your mental image of them falling in love with you. The longer you dance and think of your love loving you, the stronger this love spell becomes. When you have finished dancing your love spell is complete and you will seem as desirable to your love as the sweet taste of lucuma fruit.

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