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Piskie Love Spell

A Piskie is the Cornish cousin of the pixie and the Scots Brownie. Piskies, like faerys, are playful, prankish, humorous, and sometimes helpful spirit beings who inhabit wild places, moorland, forests, and other spots where man is an infrequent intruder. Some say they are the remnants of the old pagan gods, others that they are spirits of our pagan ancestors, but whoever they really are, this spirit creature does seem to exist. If you happen to be in Cornwall, then this love spell could be for you if you are willing to pay the price and be the butt of a piskie joke or trick. Go to a wood, a forest, a wild place and stay in one spot for at least ten minutes to attract the piskie to you. Place a posy of flowers at the base of a tree and then call out: 'Piskie please accept my offering,I come humbly to solicit your help, which I truly need (now state your wish request and if you have suffered on account of not having your wish fulfilled so far, tell them, they will be more inclined to help and less inclined to pull your leg)'

Be careful as you leave and find your way home, piskies do have a broad sense of humour and are capable of making jokes at your expense that you may not find so funny, while not malevolent, they are certainly mischievous and enjoy a joke at human expense. Also be careful that they do not lead you astray and help you lose your way as legend says they often have, so take a good map and compass with you. But should they take to you, they can do you great service, and are said to be of especial help to those who are infirm, elderly or have suffered physical misfortune.




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