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Poetry Love Spell

Hearts and poetry became associated synonymous in 14th century France when a 'High Court Of Love' was set up by women for women to make judgements and pass sentences on errant lovers, dissolute husbands and all male behaviour that was unjust toward female lovers. The women judges were chosen from amongst the ranks of women eager to dispense justice on the male gender according to how well they understood and read aloud a piece of poetry. And so poetry became arbiter of justice between lovers and then the language of lovers.

For this love spell, enjoy writing your own love poem to the one you love. Envisage how you would like your love affair to be and set it down in verse. This is a powerful part of the love spell as imagining what you wish in depth brings the wish into reality. When you have finished writing, read your love spell love poem out aloud to yourself, where no-one can overhear you. After that burn your poem carefully and safely by the flame of a red candle which then seals your wish. Allow the candle to burn down safely and your poetry love spell is complete!


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