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Protect Your Love Maze Love Spell

Perhaps you have in-laws whose antipathy for you is putting a strain on your marriage, or there are financial strains on you both, whatever it is that is potentially harming your relationship with your partner, here is a very ancient love spell that will help to safeguard your relationship. This love spell goes back to the dawn of time and man's first steps, so there are many variations from many ancient cultures, all with differing purposes.

Draw a picture of yourself and your love, if you're no Michelangelo don't worry, you can draw stick figures if you like. Make the drawing of you two small figures, and then write your names above your heads on the sketch. Then draw a maze around you, which puts your figures at the centre of the maze, you can use any form of maze pattern, but make sure that the maze encircles you both protectively and winds around in a circular pattern and has no way out but one or two false routes into the maze which end in dead ends. Inside this maze, which represents your love for each other and a romantic safeguard, your love is safe and your relationship protected from anything or anyone that would harm it, purposefully or unintentionally.

Now light a red candle, first having placed it onto a large metal dish and then stare into the flame, and visualise your relationship being happy, thriving, fulfilled and content for the rest of your lives. Visualise this for as long as you are able. When you have finished, carefully burn the sketch of your love maze in the love spell candle's flame to seal your wish. Your protect your love maze love spell is now complete!










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