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Psychic Medium Gemini Twin Bros

Hiya, please let me introduce my two Gemini twin bros - Lenny and Kenny the psychic, mediumistic twins!

Lenny and Kenny always know what each other is thinking, they often communicate telepathically. Telepathy is thought communication, it does not use any of the other 5 senses. As children, Lenny & Kenny would practice their telepathy, they would take it in turns to send and receive messages, for example, if Lenny was the sender he would concentrate on a particular word, and send images of the word to Kenny, until Kenny received the word.

The twins are extremely sensitive, they cry easily and often have 'bad hair days' and shout - they are also ‘empaths’ this means when they communicate with those in the spirit world they can feel their emotions and pain in a particular part of their body - this is usually linked to how the spirit passed over.

lenny and kenny crying
Lenny & Kenny Crying

There has been a lot of poltergeist activity in our household, poltergeist means ‘noisy ghost’ or 'mischievous ghost', ours plays ‘Guns N’ Roses’ tunes in the middle of the night, and smells of cheese and onion crisps.

Lenny & Kenny once saw a ghost, an apparition, after drinking 13 Dirty Banana Cocktails each (their fav), Elvis appeared in front of them, and sang the third verse of “Old Shep” to them.

lenny & kenny showing off their talent as mediums
Psychic Mediums Lenny & Kenny

Lenny & Kenny have both encountered a ‘near death experience’, they were going down a long dark tunnel (Hatfield) on their scooters and could see light at the end, when Kenny braked without warning and Lenny crashed into the back of him, fortunately both stayed on the earth plane as their guardian angels protected them, their time was not up!

Anyone who thinks mediums get life easy, or that mediums are special and chosen has got another thing coming, mediums just like anyone have to learn their life lessons.

We do not really die, our bodies are made from matter and as quantum physics states, all matter is energy, and energy changes. The soul never dies, it lives on without the physical body. Spirits vibrate at a much higher frequency than those on the earth plane, they can only be seen when a medium raises their vibration level, and usually the spirit will lower theirs so they can send messages to their loved ones.

It takes a lot of energy for a spirit to send you a message - did you smell your grandmother's cooking or her perfume? If so, you have 'clairaromatically' tuned into her vibrations. Did you see little sparkles out of the corner of your eye? It may well be a loved one in spirit saying “hello”.

More psychic info can be found at: Psychic Readings by Lenny & Kenny

lenny & Kenny with a laptop looking at this website - LOL
Lenny & Kenny Love Their Laptop


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