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A Love Spell from Quebec


Quebec, the largest province of Canada, is described more often than not, as the crossroads of Europe and America, with a mainly French speaking population, who provide the world with a lively culture. But it is to the original inhabitants of Quebec, that Quebec owes it's success. The eleven indigenous tribes of Quebec, the Inuit, the Algonquians, Algonquins, Mohwaks, Crees and other tribes helped the early French settlers make a home of what was to them a wilderness, to learn what to eat, and how to get it, how to survive and prosper in this new land that they freely shared, with what must have seemed, these strange newcomers. These tribes were generous, good hosts to the pioneering French and happily they too have managed to survive colonisation and help form this modern and exciting province. All of these wonderful tribes deserve more than a mention and the Algonquin, like the others gives us a refreshing and unique culture of thought and practise to add to our wealth of human understanding. In Algonquin belief that stretches back to prehistory, Mishi-ginebig is the great horned snake and manitou (spirit) from beneath the earth the heals man and gives him understanding. The Algonquins belief is that all things in nature and life have a spirit that is both a being and an abstract concept, and as we believe in witchcraft, that the universe, nature and life are interconnected and balanced. Even a washing machine maybe thought to have its own manitou which explains why kicking a TV never helps reception! The shamans of the Algonquin use the interconnectedness of all things to change and heal problems or ailments. Hence a herb manitou may be used to heal or a fish manitou for helping with fishing. Manitous can be understood as differing parts of the whole, all interacting together, effected by each other. So this love spell is invoking the manitou of Mishi-ginebig to bring health and understanding in your relationship.

Mishi-ginebig Manitou Love Spell

Should you live in climate where there are snakes please do not approach them! Go to a zoo or pet shop where you may see a snake safely. Approach the snake but do not stare into it's eyes, this would be rude to a snake and not help you connect with it's manitou. Now pray in your head or aloud quietly to Mishi-ginebig manitou and ask him to help you understand all that you must for happiness with your lover. Then ask him to heal your relationship from all hurts. Now bow your head respectfully to Mishi-ginebig and thank him. When you return home draw the manitou of Mishi-ginebig over your heart (a horned snake in kohl would do well) and take some time alone to reflect and envision how different and good things will be from now on. You may ask the manitou of Mishi-ginebig for this help whenever you feel your relationship needs his guidance and soothing aid.

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