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The Magical Realm of Doon Hill, A Fairy Love Spell

The Reverend Robert Kirk was the seventh son of the seventh son, and therefore had second sight. He was the author of 'The Secret Commonwealth,' in 1691 which was an 'anthropological' treatise on the fairy society, it's working and hierarchies. It was thought that he did not die, but having second sight and so gifted by the fairies, joined them entering their world via the nearest fairy hill; fairies it seems, love hills. Before you wonder to yourself what was the Reverend smoking, remember that fairies are elemental spirits, a form of spiritual energy. It seems that, when entering the fairy realm, that a substitute must be made in our world, so a changeling was sent to replace him. Others say that the Reverend's spirit was imprisoned in a pine tree that still stands on that nearby fairy hill, nearby to where you ask, the answer is Aberfoyle. The spiritually curious Reverend liked to take a daily stroll when he was part of our world, and this he did upon Doon hill. In 1692 he collapsed mid perambulation and died. His funeral took place and then he popped up like a most welcome or unwelcome genie to one of his relatives and told them to go and tell Graham of Duchray, his cousin, that he wasn't dead, he just did a good impression and had in fact fainted and the fairies had taken him away with them to fairyland, unwillingly it seems. He would be allowed his freedom only when his child soon to be born was christened. At that event he would appear he told them, and his cousin Graham must throw a knife at his spectre, upon which the Reverend would be allowed home. It was to be a christening to remember, imagine how curious the relatives must have been. And the Reverend was as good as his word and appeared in spectral form in the church. His cousin Graham must have been overwhelmed with terror or delight, I'm banking on terror, because he failed to throw the knife at the Reverend as he had been bidden. So the Reverend turned heel and left through a door. So it is assumed that he is still a captive of the fairy folk, but many voice the opinion that he has found himself a suitable role, being an intermediary between the human and fairy world, rather like a UN peacekeeper.

Doon hill itself is the perfect spot for love spell casting and you can find the 'Minister's Pine,' wherein the Reverend some think is held captive. You can tell it from the other trees A) because it is a pine, yes of course! And B) because it has darker leaves then any of the other trees which are all bedecked with red rags, votive spell rags, which as they disintegrate bring the wish they carry into being by the power of the wood's resident, elemental otherwise known as fairy spirits, very like clouties. The atmosphere of this place is said to be very strange almost mystical, some think it was an iron age fort. So if you have a love spell wish, take a red rag, preferably biodegradable material, and half rotten already would speed things up, and tie it to a tree on Doon hill, then go to the 'Minister's Pine,' and ask for his kindly intercession with the fairy spirits. The power of this place will leave you in no doubt that your wish will soon be realised.



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