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How to Foster a Good Relationship With Your Love Spells Witch

All witches want to bring magic love spell happiness into your life. They really want you to have the success you dream of for you and they do all in their magic power to make sure you do. Your witch is on your side and clients are grateful and joyful when they get their full results. But up until that happy day, there can be things to keep in mind to make this process easier for you both. Often it's the first time a client has used a witches services and they're not sure how to treat her. Sometimes they forget to show their gratitude by behaving in ways that has the poor witch wishing she'd never heard of the client. So how can you make sure that your witch is happy when you get your love spell results, rather than just happy she doesn't have to endure you anymore?

Being a witch on the net is hard work, it is a 24/7 job, witches work all hours, nannying clients, comforting clients, answering SOS emails, 'help I'm going to die, my boyfriend went off with a rival please cast me a spell instantly or I jump off a cliff,' is nothing unusual to receive for a love spells witch. Magic decrees we work into the early hours casting love spells after midnight or late at night at least, and it can be a thankless treadmill, with clients pulling at our skirts 24 hours a day wanting solace, help, advice, and deluging the witch with demands, including orders for spells to be cast in minus 0.3 seconds time. 

So the first thing you need to remember is that you will be one of many clients the witch will have chosen to take on. Accordingly, do not bombard her with emails as maybe your natural instinct when distressed. Here at last is someone who can help, clients rightly think, but overdoing your emailing just gives her extra work, is an extra strain, adding to the many emails she answers daily and can mean she would rather crouch under a rock than receive another email from you. It's best to contact her when you have a query or when you are desperate for some uplifting words or nagging fears are upsetting you, but keep your emails succinct and to the point, a witch's time is money and if your email takes half an hour to read, so may the many others she receives and feels obliged to answer and her patience may well be stretched. She will certainly be more happy to hear from you when you do need her, but keep it brief. The exception to this of course is at the beginning when she needs to understand your situation fully in order to cast the appropriate love spell and through the changes that happen after casting, when she may need to know what's happening to ensure your love spell fulfils the goal you seek. Also when you get nice results, let her know succinctly, she'll be delighted too. 

A witch's life can be just like that of a harassed mum with a huge brood of children, they all scream for attention at once, want Mum to hear their cries simultaneously, and want Mum's comfort all the time. No mum can do this day in day out, without tearing her hair and screaming, and nor can the witch. Witches can't really take time off, clients demands are too constant, unpredictable and for them, the witch knows, they feel they need her help urgently, always, so how can she ever take time to relax? She can't. She either leaves the net or trudges on like the universal Mum she has become, shepherding her 'kids' to happiness with no time for herself between their squawks, tears and triumphs. A witch knows her clients are at their most vulnerable, and she fears leaving them alone while she takes a day off, how will they cope? Will she return to more tears and anger from her petulant or distressed 'kids' who feel they've been deserted because mum went out for a day? 

If you can remember that your witch is not your mum, nor your servant, but a very industrious and highly talented woman who is changing fate on your behalf or ensuring that fate is not interfered with, you will have a happy witch. Would you expect your solicitor or doctor to be on call around the clock for your every fear and hope? The witch is no different, she is a professional woman who is time poor. And you do your witch no favours by becoming her client, she picks you from many who request her services, and she doesn't have to keep you on. She is bound by no obligation once she has cast your love spell, she need do no more for you. But witches usually do stay by your side and virtually hold clients hands until full results appear, because they know the clients need this, comfort, a shoulder, advice, and all this is given from the kindness and goodness of their big hearts, so be considerate to your witch at all times, as she is to you. 

When the day comes that your wish is granted through your witches hard work and both your perseverance, your witch will be thrilled for you, so try and make the road to your joy just as easy for her, as she does you. Your witches goal is to hear that you get your wish and are happy, try and make her happiness your goal too. 

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