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Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing is when someone can view something and find out about it when at a great distance from their target. Remote viewers are able to experience a place, a person, or just about anything that is unseen. To do this the remote viewer needs co-ordinates or an address. Given the right techniques the viewer can then go there in their mind and bring back unknowable information. Remote viewing is a form of extra sensory perception, defined by Russell Targ and Harold E Puthoff in the 1970's. These two men established a $25-million research project at the Stanford Research Institute for two decades from the 1970s, for the CIA, Army Intelligence and the Defense Intelligence Agency on psychic senses and their possible uses for the intelligence-gathering world.

When remotely viewing something or someone, viewers seem to be able to travel mentally and gather details about things, unhindered by restrictions of time or space. When given co-ordinates on a map, they may ask themselves, are my feet now on hard ground, rocky, sandy, pavement or wet marshy land? What is beneath my feet? Am I cold, is it windy or temperate? Using their senses they can feel or see details of the location. Sometimes the remote viewer may work in tandem with someone at the location, who senses these things and relays them psychically back to the viewer but all that is needed is an address or co-ordinates of a place.

The most common insights given the remote viewer are the visual, the shapes and colours of distant objects. Viewers are sometimes also able to sense scents, sounds and temperatures, feel the breeze or hot sunlight and can also fascinatingly see the colour of things, when they are placed inside boxes or are in the dark.

Remote viewers can also bridge time itself, though results show that the very near future, a few days, is easier and gives more reliable results than if a week or so is viewed ahead.

In 1982, a series of nine viewings were performed, predicting four days in advance, the rise or fall of the cost of silver futures on the COMEX commodity exchange. The results forecast the prices with total accuracy. Research on remote viewing shows and has proven that looking a few days in advance, is no harder or less precisely accurate than remotely viewing the present.

Remote viewers abilities to view increases with practice, as the viewer learns to block out imagination and stimuli present in the viewer's immediate surroundings and learn to concentrate on tuning into the psychic signals. One of the few drawbacks is that viewing something or someone one is already familiar with is a stumbling block to accuracy; for astounding results unfamiliarity works best, when there are no preconceptions.

Remote viewing is something you can try yourself, though some warn that caution should be advised. When people begin to train their minds to receive the psychic signals of remote viewings, it can be like opening flood gates, an overwhelming tide of stimuli flooding the mind and causing the mind to change and develop in ways that are new and possibly disturbing. An evolution of the psychic mind may not always be comfortable. Some remote viewers experiences may be likened to adding a broadcasting service to your thoughts, always beaming the broadcast to you on full volume, whether you want to listen or not, you may never be able to switch it off, once you’ve properly tuned in.

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