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Revive a Marriage Full Moon Love Spell

This full moon love spell is for those whose marriage has hit the rocks of discord, where there was once harmony and happiness. It is worth waiting for the full moon for such a situation, if the situation allows you to wait, because the full moon will certainly add great power to mending your situation. If your marriage partner or partner is no longer very loving and you want those honeymoon days back when you both felt your love for each other as an ever present warmth in your life, this love spell is just the thing. 

You will need one recent photograph of you both together; one red candle; one lock of your partner's hair (it can be a wisp, the DNA is what is needed); an African violet; Jasmine flowers and jasmine incense; a magnolia flower; bittersweet leaves.

To cast this love spell wait until midnight if possible when the moon is full and then light your red candle and your incense. Then you need to raise the energy by dancing, singing or clapping, even all three if you like, until you feel that both you and the atmosphere around you is alive with energy. Then knowing the outcome you wish for and imagining it as already having taken place, chant and while you chant, burn the herbs and flowers by strewing them into the flames:

'Juno by your power I ask,
That my marriage to (insert their name) is happy once more, 
That harmony and happiness reign,
And the love of our honeymoon binds us once again,
May happy times fill our life together, 
In contented accord are we, 
And each new day we are glad to see, our love brings us a gladness that we live,
May our marriage be an exemplar of that which the blessed may seek,
And may our loving marriage together last I humbly ask, 
For the rest of our lives so that we may praise you Juno, unto the skies,
An it harm none,
So mote it be.'

Now stare into the candle flame and see your marriage happy, fulfilled and all you wish it to be once more, do this for as long as possible, while you can maintain concentration. Then take all remnants of your love spell, the candle wick when it has safely burnt down, the photograph, the lock of hair, any ash of the burnt herbs and flowers and bury them immediately in a small hole, also plant an acorn in the same whole, so sealing your wish and ensuring that your marriage grows stronger, as strong as an oak, with the tree and lasts like the mighty oak too.




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