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Rival be Gone! Full Moon Love Spell

This full moon love spell is for those whose lovers are already entangled with someone who has interrupted their romance and selfishly interfered with their romance. It will only work for someone who is suffering the onslaught of a rival's attempt to take their lover and forcibly break up a loving relationship. 

You will need a piece of crockery that you don't mind losing, a black candle, and eucalyptus leaves. 

On the night of the full moon at midnight, light your black candle, then as you chant, smash the crockery into many pieces and then strew the eucalyptus leaves into the candle flame:

'Juno, you who knew the terrible wound of infidelity,
Please protect me from its bite, 
Keep my lover  (insert their name) faithful to me with all your divine might, 
Keep my love pure of alloy,
Keep it happy and bound, 
Free from all love's jealousy,
No rival there is for me, 
No-one such as (insert your rival's name) may dare interfere,
With my romance and with my love,
By your power my lover and I (insert their name),
Forever faithful and in love shall be, 
All rivals by your power from us must flee, 
As this china is broken so must all rival's designs on my lover be, 
Let any such interlopers disperse and find a that's new,
An it harm none, 
So mote it be.' 

Your full moon rival be gone love spell is now cast and your rival will find pastures new and leave your romance in peace.


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