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Love Spell from Rome


Rome, the eternal city, this ancient and beautiful city, that helped establish our western European civilisation, the seat of culture and our modern world, is a place of stark contrasts. It is a city of fine restaurants, designer fashions, where 'la bella figura,' image, accessories and clothes are all and the loud blare of bustling modern life rubs up against the broader shoulders of a much mightier past. The colosseum, once known as the Flavian amphitheatre, built in 70 AD, seating 80,000, still stands as a testament to the ancient splendours and riches of this city. The colosseum, where our enslaved ancestors fought to the death with lions and wild beasts to titillate the bored roman mind and gladiators learnt to excel in hand to hand combat or die in a moment, still reminds us of how we are all changed by Rome, eternal Rome. Within these proud arched walls, Julius Caesar, the infamous Caligula, Nero and many other Caesars held their thumbs up or down according to whim, death or life for the hapless combatants, while outside, the latest fast cars flash by.

Rome is city of mysteries too, a place where once the mysteries of Mithras were worshipped, so mysteriously no-one knows much about it today, where Isis and Bast were the prominent female deities, perhaps devotion to them inspired by the amatory successes of the hag faced Cleopatra, who conquered their leaders hearts, so much more easily then Rome could conquer Egypt. There was also the cult of 'Dia Anna,' who became 'Diana,' exclusively exalted by single women priests. Diana, once a mother goddess, the goddess who was also thought to be the queen of witches, became the goddess of the moon, woodlands, light, the divine huntress who protected animal kind, slaves too were given sanctuary in her shrines and for this compassion no doubt, became queen of heaven. Rome is now Roman Catholic but many believe that half her saints were once in fact forgotten ancient gods and goddesses.

This love spell from Rome, is an ancient love spell from the cult of Diana, Dia Anna is still believed by many to sit in radiant glory on her heavenly throne and is inclined to help women in all matters.

Diana Love Spell

As Diana is queen of the moon, light and heavens, this love spell should be performed at night when the moon is full. The bow and arrow are sacred to Diana, so draw a bow upon a piece of paper, unless you own a real bow, and cut it out. Then draw a circle upon the floor in chalk, then within the circle draw a crescent moon. Now place your bow within the circle. Light some jasmine incense. Step into the circle and dedicate it to Diana by saying so aloud and writing her name in chalk. Now be sure in your mind of your supplication, your request. Bow your head and call upon Diana respectfully, giving her her due as queen of heaven. Ask her for your love wish to be fulfilled with her aid, harming none. Now sit upon the floor within the circle and imagine your wish being fulfilled through Diana's intervention. Contemplate this for as long as you wish. Let your incense burn out safely. Your Diana love spell is now complete. Leave the chalk circle upon the ground, unbroken or removed for seven days.

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