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Rose Love Spell

This love spell is for those that wish to heighten the romance of their relationships, and renew and refresh them. Take a small bunch of red roses, a scented variety. Run yourself a hot bath, and strew the bath with the rose petals. The oils of the roses should give off a delicate sweet scent as they steep. Lie in the bath and relax your mind. When you feel comfortable and ready, chant:

'Venus renew and heighten my lover's (insert their name) love for me,
Make it sweeter than the rose, 
Make it deeper than the sea,
Oh bring his/her passions rosy kiss to me,
As I am refreshed by this roseate bath,
So must be the romance between my lover and me,
An it harm none,
So mote it be.'

When you are ready, you can enjoy luxuriating in the bath for as long as you wish, get out and drain the bath as usual. Your rose love spell is now cast!


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