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A Love Spell From Russia


As in many Slavic countries, Russia's pagan past still shows in it's folk belief which in time has been overlaid with Christian practises, giving us a rich tradition of ideas. Russian folk magic, propounded by the magi (what we could call magicians or witches but who might term themselves 'healers' and who do often include new age or Christian iconography in their practises) still exists as a resource for those seeking help of all kinds, magi have even been known to have clients referred to them by medical institutions when no known cause is found for disease, in the belief that malevolent magic curses are harming the patient. In Russia it is still thought almost shameful if a woman does not marry, or 'fails to marry' as it would be thought and so love spells performed by black magi are very popular. But these magi also try to help people with any problem that they might have, from making cars invisible to road authorities in order to avoid speeding fines, to providing help for couples who have reached the end of the road and want make a final attempt at retrieving the happiness that love brings before they visit the divorce courts. This mag love spell is for those wishing to clear up 'bad energy' between themselves and their partners.

Mag Love Spell

You will need one fresh egg, it must be fresh. Lie down somewhere comfortable with your egg in plain view and imagine that all the negativity between you and your partner is leaving you both. Visualise this bad energy as a cord that is leaving your bodies and entering the egg. This process is known as 'egg rolling.' You may practise this for as long as you wish, the longer the better, while you can maintain your visualisation. Then fetch your egg and crack it open into a bowl. You will notice that this fresh egg looks thickened or lumpy, and no longer seems so fresh, that is because it has taken on the negative energy. Your mag love spell is now complete and you should feel energised, lighter hearted and more able to cope with renewing your relationship on a more positive basis. It helps if both partners can together or separately perform this mag love spell. You can perform this love spell as often as you wish until you feel completely happy with your situation. This egg rolling process also helps with removing negative energy from the body with mild illness and in healing any situation.

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