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Scottish Love Spell

Scotland is known for the warm hospitality of it's people and the beauty of it's unspoilt hills, valleys, lochs and coastline. Being sparsely populated, the heather clad countryside resounds with legends that still live today as no crowds and shopping malls have driven them out with the hubbub of modernity, the whisper of the old voices and beliefs can still be heard, if you listen carefully.

One legend is that of the Brownies, who can help you with any problem. Brownies are kindly creatures, and are said to be elves or goblins, in other words, in this case, kindly spirit beings. They live in country homes in Scotland and when the householder goes to sleep the Brownie takes a pride in doing their work for them, whatever household chore is left undone. Brownies are very loyal beings who are fond of the family they attach themselves to, or the place and house to which they feel they belong. If you should insult a Brownie by offering them money or treat them unkindly they will leave at once, never to return. Only innocent children can see Brownies but Brownies still enjoy helping adults in many small ways. Children have reported on countless occasions that Brownies appear as small, brown, hairy and not pretty looking at all but with warm sunny and charming ways.

If asked nicely, a Brownie can help solve a love dilemma and here is how to go about charming your Brownie, should you be lucky enough to live in the Scottish countryside. Take a piece of cake, some Scottish shortbread or whatever is good to eat and best served cold, leave it somewhere your Brownie is sure to find it. You may not know if you have a Brownie but it seems you are very likely to be sharing your home with one if you live in the Scottish wilds and giving them a treat and showing respect is one way to introduce yourself. As you place the slice of cake on a windowsill or by the hearth, say aloud,

'Brownie, I would like to be your friend and offer you a slice of cake to show you how welcome you are in my family'

Wait a few days, your Brownie does not eat, the cake is unlikely to be taken, it is a symbolic tribute and gift and then you can ask your Brownie for help. Make sure you ask before retiring for the night as brownies are most present at night some say. You can phrase your request as you wish but along these lines to ensure your Brownie love spell is a success. Remember to be courteous and polite at all times, your Brownie is full of fun but pride also:

'Brownie my heart is heavy because I love (now insert the name of the person for whom you care) and I need your help in securing their love in return for mine. Please help me all you can and I will always be grateful.'

Have faith in your Brownie friend and the results they can achieve, it is said that these obliging and kind hearted little souls will do all they can to help you.

Scottish love spell

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