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Love Spell from Sicily


Sicily the beautiful autonomous region of Italian of lemon, orange, and olive groves, has a very lively culture, both artistic and in it's cuisine to the extent that it has been called 'God's kitchen.' It is also the home of it's own ancient form of witchcraft which it is conjectured may go back in an unbroken line, despite the inquisition, all the way back to the Etruscans. Sicilian witchcraft, like it's cooking, has it's own special flavour, the witches or 'streghe' are said to have a way about them unlike the witches of any other place, an enigmatic quality, a secretiveness and fierceness. This shows itself in their rituals in which they are said to not merely invoke the gods and forces of nature but to challenge them, not out of impertinence nor impiety but rather showing their belief that they too have an inner godhead and a power and place as humans that is on a par with the gods.

A Fairy Love Spell from Sicily

Hang a wind chime in your garden, or on your balcony or outside your window according to what you own. Wait till it is night and then when you hear the wind chime ring, it means a fairy (nature spirit) has arrived. Now take out to your garden or leave on your windowsill a pot of the herb rue and inside the earth put three silver coins and a spoonful of honey. Now chant:

'Fairy of light, fairy of night,
I command you to bring me love,
I command you to bring me my due,
A love so fair as morning sun's hue.'
The fairy will note your gifts and bring you love.

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