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Love Spell from Siena


Who can think of the beautiful hilltop Tuscan town of Siena, without thinking of romance and beauty? Not only is Siena a sun baked jewel that glitters with its ancient splendours, the Piazza del Campo, and the Palazzo Pubblico and the Palazzo Salimbeni, and rare and stunning frescos, but quite magically, Romeo and Juliet's love story took place here. It was not in Verona, as Shakespeare had us believe but in these golden stone sunlit streets, that Romeo first fell in love with Juliet, when she was just a bud yet to blossom into womanhood. Fourteen year old Juliet entranced by young Romeo, disregarded her family's displeasure, as the fifteenth century writer Masuccio Salernitano tells us. He also tells us that Romeo's true name was Mariotto and that Juliet's was Giannozza and it's very easy to trust Masuccio's account, knowing how even today, the problems that interference from others can bring, when we are so much less controlled by family strictures than couples in the middle-ages.

A Rose Love Potion Love Spell From Siena

First you will make some rose love potion jam but before you do that, take one red rose in full bloom that has not been sprayed with any chemicals. Cut one of the larger petals into a heart shape. Using a needle gently mark your lovers initials into the rose petal in miniature script, then the word, 'happy and in love with - ' (insert your initials). Now, including that petal, puree all the rose petals with 3/4 of a cup of water. Slowly add 2 cups of sugar, or more according to the sweetness of your lover's tooth. Blend all in a blender until the sugar has melted. Take one pack of pectin, and 3/4 of a cup of water, place in a saucepan and bring to the boil, allow this to come to a rolling boil for a minute. Pour this syrup into the rose paste and blend them all fast as this mixture will set extremely quickly. Pour the mixture into jars. Allow it to set for a few hours and then keep it in the fridge. Now present this rose love potion love spell to your desired lover as a gift to eat.

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