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A Spanish Love Spell


The barbary pirates, from their port bases in Morocco, commandeered western ships in the Mediterranean Sea from the times of the crusades until the mid 19th century. They not only lost western powers huge amounts of money, and killed our sailors, worse still they made raids inland and captured hundreds of thousands of western European peoples, including from Scotland, England, Ireland, France, Italy, Iceland, Denmark and Spain who were then sold as slaves in the slave markets of the Ottoman Empire. These slaves would never see their homes again. Naturally the peoples who lived for almost a millennia along the western coasts of Europe had good reason to be insecure and frightened of the terrible fates that awaited them when captured, going about their daily business inland, by the barbary pirates, who were very far from romantic figures in reality. Robert Davis estimates that 1.25 million ordinary and innocent westerners were sold into slavery by these barbary scavengers over a three hundred year period alone.

So those growing up in the villages that lined the shores of western Europe found imaginative forms of protection for themselves and their loved ones. Here translated, is a love spell from Spain annotated by a young Spanish witch in the 18th century to protect her lover from the barbarous fate to which he was prey. This love spell can be used to protect your lover from harm and to ensure they always may return safely to you when you are apart. 

'When my love must my side leave,
May Neptune by your power enfold him,
Keep him safe from all misfortune,
By his will he will live, no master enslave him,
No calamity his lot, 
he will live in happy freedom,
My husband will time make him,
By Venus and by Zeus too I call upon both of you,
protected his life and love will be,
by your wills safe alone for me,
Ever shall our love blossom in long days of happy life, 
And through you all I will bless his long days as his wife.' 

To perform this spell, take one likeness of your lover, look at it and then see, visualise you both together, old in years and full of happiness, light a red candle which has had both your names inscribed upon it, see your love bloom safely as you light the wick. Then chant the love spell and know it will be. Leave the candle to burn down somewhere safely, then your protection love spell is cast.


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