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Spell Casting

Spell |spɛl| |spɛl|
nounspell casting
A spell is a set of words and actions used as a magical charm or during a ritual.
• a condition of enchantment created by a set of magic words and actions: the cast a spell on him.
• a mastery of controlling or influenceing people with a magical power : she is under a spell.
The word spell comes from Old English 'spel(l)' of Germanic origin.

Spells are mysterious and supernatural and therefore not something we associate with everyday life. We wonder if spells really exist? And if they do, how can we get them to work? Spell casting links you with the supernatural and the natural, since most spells use materials connected to nature, such as herbs and gemstones.

How can spell casting actually help you? Magic spells can be used for any purpose. All spells use the conscious and subconscious mind, as thoughts are energy and they connect you to the Universe which will grant your wishes. Visualisation is part of spell casting, you should visualise the outcome you are after and chant positive affirmations to empower your spell.

The most important part of any spells is your desire, you must want your wish with your whole heart!

How to Cast a Simple Spell

Select a good time for your spell:

For business success spells cast them at the Saturn hour.
For success, good luck and wealth cast them at the Jupiter hour.
For courage use the Mars hour.
For friendship, health and legal matters the Sun hour.
For beauty, love and travel the Venus hour.
For examination success, communication and diplomacy the Mercury hour.
For love, travel, women, animals and message overseas the Moon hour.

Here is a Planetary Chart>>

Crave on your candle the words that convey your desire, it might be to attract money, love, move house etc. Write the same on a piece of paper.

The spell
Light your candle while thinking about the spells intention, state your wish, burn your paper in the candles flame while thinking about the desired outcome you are after. Blow your candle out.


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