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Superstar Love Spell

Find a photo in a magazine or print one from the Internet of your favorite ‘star’ - movie or music, it doesn’t matter which.

This spell will connect to all the love your superstar’s fans feel for them - your spell will duplicate the positive energy and send it to your lover and encourage them to love you back.

To psychically connect all you have to do is think about all the love your superstar creates. Place the hand you write with over your photo and think about how loved they are, now think about your loved one loving you as much. Next, write your love request on your star’s face and fold your paper up before giving it to one of the elements to manifest your wish!

Water - throw into a river.
Earth - bury in the ground.
Air - hide it in a tree or bush.
Fire - burn in a flame.

Wait for your love wish to be granted.


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