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A Love Spell from Syria


The knights of Malta, the ancient order of the Knights Hospitaller, who were founded in 1080 to give help to the sick, poverty struck or wounded pilgrims as they journeyed to the Holy Land has now become the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. This Sovereign organisation, rushes to all global emergency situations, whether natural disasters, epidemics or wars, in order to help refugees, the old, the sick, those without homes, children, the dying and the leprous without any care for race, religion or the political loyalties of those they freely aid. But the Knights Hospitaller, their founders had a colourful past, steeped in legend and rich in the long tales of history. Some of the footprints of the Knights Hospitaller can still be seen, just as magnificent today as they always were almost 1,000 years ago. One such is in Syria, where the knights both tended the sick and fought to maintain the Christian preservation of the Holy Land. Krak des Chevaliers, is a fortress of such beauty and strength that it was used in England as the model for all later forts by Edward 1, in 1272. The fort, Krak des Chevaliers, has a haunting beauty, it's walls still shining with the only known examples still extant of ancient crusader wall paintings. There is a tale of a Syrian Bedouin girl who caught the eye of a Knight Hospitaller, as she sold him a Bedouin ring to send to his mother, far away as a keepsake. The knight pined for her through the dry desert days and bright starry nights, knowing that her tribe would never allow him to ask for her hand in marriage. So one day, sad over her and tired from tending the sick, he met a merchant who was also a wizard and the wizard saw the sadness in the knight's eyes and prescribed this Syrian love spell.

A Syrian Love Spell

Take one handful of sand, one stick of rose incense, and one jewel. At sunset light your love incense and chant:
'My love is true as is this jewel, strong and everlasting,
'My heart prays to God above to bring me swiftly my true love,
May all that our love oppose scatter as this sand (blow upon the sand in your palm, scattering it),
May by God this hand of mine enfold my love's own fair,
Let no man come between us or ever dare, 
To stop what God has brought,
This fine love that He has wrought.'
Now take the jewel and keep it safely upon your person for as long as it takes for your love to come to you and not be opposed. 

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